The most adorable horse in every way

Stable name Banda
H/S 15.3
Foaled 2014
Sire Bandantic
Owner Caroline Harris, Lisa White
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Miss Pepperpot

A Stunning mare who knows she’s as good as she looks

Stable name Pot
H/S 16.1
Foaled 2012
Sire Peppermill
Owner Becky Stones
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She loves to be the centre of attention

Stable name Inca
H/S 16h 2 Mare
Foaled 2009
Sire L'Espirit
Owner Belinda Horne
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She is a super confident girl who knows how good she is. Every time out competing she gives it her all

Stable name Rita
H/S 16
Foaled 2012
Sire Cheers Cassini
Owner Rosie Olver
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Woodlands Springtime

He is a seriously loveable character. He has his own technique but is brave as a lion cross country

Stable name Watty
H/S 16.3
Foaled 2007
Sire Billy Congo
Owner Elizabeth Moncrieff
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Billiy Bumble
Billy Bumble

The princess of the yard who will eat absolutely anything

Stable name Bumble
H/S 16h Mare
Foaled 2008
Sire Kannan
Owner Mark Harris
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Falko TH

The happiest horse on the yard whose party trick is to smile

Stable name Joey
H/S 17.1h gelding
Foaled 2010
Sire Eldorado Van De Zeschoek
Owner Mark Harris
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Chillis Midnight Star

A gorgeous young man

Stable name Ollie
H/S 16h
Foaled 2014
Sire Chilli Morning
Owner Nikki Axon
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A gentle giant

Stable name Ronald
H/S 17h gelding
Foaled 2013
Sire Cadmo
Owner Simon and Diana Ford, with Karen Dunsford
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Corvette-web small
Corvette II

A little princess who loves attention

Stable name Pepsi
H/S 16h Mare
Foaled 2011
Sire Contello
Owner Mark Harris
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Loves a good sleep

Stable name Charlie
H/S 16h 2 Gelding
Foaled 2010
Sire Centus
Owner Susan Bradbury and Elizabeth Moncrieff
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