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At CH Eventing we strive to deliver measurable promotional value for our sponsors. If you are interested in finding out how CHEventing team could boost your brand profile in the UK please contact: sandy@sportinghorsepromotions.co.uk

Caroline is proud to be an ambassador for the following brands and can genuinely recommend them to others. The team would like to thank everyone for their loyal support:-



Saddles and accessories from this leading French company which is wholeheartedly dedicated to the partnership between horse and rider.

Caroline says: “Their saddles fit horse and rider perfectly. They allow the horses to perform at their best. The leather work is outstanding and made to the highest quality.”


Gatehouse offers a choice of top quality, Kitemarked riding helmets, from functional Snell-approved jockey skulls, to stylish designs conforming to PAS015. This popular brand has been at the cutting edge of technological development for more than 30 years

Caroline says: “Gatehouse provides the ultimate head protection whilst still looking good. I have ridden in them for years and it is so good to know my head is getting the ultimate protection whilst still being comfortable and stylish.”


Kentucky Horsewear from Just Equine, who offer an extensive range of premium products for the discerning rider.

Caroline says: “I have always used and loved Kentucky’s range of competition boots because they perform, they last and they look good and I am also really looking forward to trying more of their range in the future.”

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Falcon have been providing the UK equestrian community with our high-quality range of feeds and supplements for well over 15years and recently introduced their leading Omega Equine & Finest Supplements ranges. They are a small family run team, passionate about delivering every single customer the best quality service and products available to optimise the welfare and happiness of their horses.

Omega Equine has built a fantastic range of innovative supplements, which have proved extremely popular with equine consumers including individual leisure horse owners through to Gold Medal winning competition riders.

Caroline says: “We have been feeding Falcon for 3 years now and I’m happy to say the horses look and feel fantastic. They all have a beautiful shine and a great top line. We could not recommend their feed more highly.”

Falcon say: “We are thrilled to have Caroline as a Brand Ambassador. She is a very talented, knowledgeable and progressing young rider with a string of fantastic horses under her belt. Caroline and her team of grooms & owners are a pleasure to work with.

Rodney Powell Body Protectors

The Rodney Powell brand includes a choice of BETA Level 3 body protectors to suit all equestrians, from competitively priced body armour for leisure riders and growing children, to the flexible, block foam Superflex Contour worn by many of the world’s leading event riders.

Caroline says: “I have ridden in a Rodney Powell back protector since I began eventing. It is brilliant to know I am putting myself in the safest hands. I would not feel happy going xc without it.”


Leading Wiltshire-based horse bedding supplier, Equisupplies, supply Caroline’s preferred bedding – Pure Green Flax, an airflow dust extracted, very clean bedding that also decomposes quickly for a smaller muck heap.