I am lucky enough to have a lovely group of owners who go out of their way to support me, and each other, both at home and at events. We always have good young horses for sole ownership or syndicates.  If you would like to join CH Eventing by becoming an owner please do get in touch.

What our Owners say:

Caroline is an exceptional horsewoman and it is an absolute pleasure to watch her bringing the very best out of all the horses she rides. She is a delightful young woman who heads a friendly and lively yard where us owners are always welcomed. The effort put into the care of our horses is second to none, both at home and at events. It we are unable to attend updates, photos and videos quickly follow each outing. A great team to get behind. A lot of fun.

- Liz Moncrieff, owner and supporter since 2012

From the outset, I recognised her huge dedication, professionalism, hard work ethic and above all considerable talent. To be able to switch from riding young, green horses successfully one day and then smoothly shift gear to 2* or 3* level is a true gift and she deserves to be supported and to fulfil her dreams. We are always welcome at her yard and regularly invited to watch training sessions. All her owners think very highly of her and I cannot recommend her enough to potential sponsors and owners.

- Karen Dunford, Owner since 2015